Tuesday, April 29, 2008


Some Brief Observations

A Baby-Boomer or post Baby-Boomer expressing an conviction for peace, cooperation, and "sharing" is like a one week old baby starting a Co-op for breast milk.


Spending more of other people's money isn't "change."
Creating a larger ineffective bureaucracy isn't "change."
Intruding further on the daily lives of citizens and calling for more allegiance to collective ideals certainly isn't "change."
...It's all more of the same.

Someone should clue in both Obama and Hillary (and most of the Democrat party for that matter) as to the meaning of the word "change."


We can clearly discern that Bush planned a secret "inside job" in the 9/11 attack on the World Trade Center...
...because his 1993 attack on the same building failed (???).


Anytime someone says they're "going to give you free...[i.e. health care]," it means they're not going to give you free [ie. health care] and they're probably going to take something from you as well.

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